Elena began her career as a professional photographer in 2009 and since then has built her companies – Modern Baby Photography, Modern Bride Photography, and Modern Market – into a successful business that brings in a six-figure income and rapidly pushing her toward the $1 million mark in overall revenue for the last three years alone. She started her business the old-fashioned way: with lots of hard work and the determination to follow her own path. She built her entire business from the ground up, by herself. Today she teaches entrepreneurs in the creative fields everything she learned about steering an artistic passion into a successful business and leveraging the power of social media to connect with clients.

After years of mentoring photographers in creating profitable businesses, she quickly realized that the number one problem for professional photographers was connecting to quality clients.

Some photographers get a lot of clients because they rank great in Google and understand how SEO works to get on page one. The problem is not everyone understands how SEO works and often are buried in the only world of Google.

Other photographers get clients using Facebook and have found a way to reach their potential clients that way. Often this requires investing money into an advertising which can be hard to figure out.

Some use the power of Instagram to use specific hashtags to connect with specific types of people. Although it can work well to get more likes, it’s difficult to see how many clients are actually booking you because of it.

There are so many ways for photographers to connect to potential clients, but it seems like everyone has a problem being found. With that Gold Globe came about.

Elena has made it her mission to design a beautiful, user-friendly directory site for professional portrait photographers to connect to quality clients. Understanding the world of marketing and advertising her goal is to make this the easiest way for photographers to find quality clients. Together with her husband Jonathon they have designed and created Gold Globe with professional photographers in mind.

She understands how SEO works, how to use social media marketing strategies and want to do that part for photographers and attract clients who value photographers. She wants Gold Globe to become the site people think of when they need a photographer and directly connect them to their dream photographer. Bridging the disconnect from those looking for a photographer, and those looking for clients.

Gold Globe will become the place people will use to find the right photographer and she welcomes all professional photographers to be part of the site!