Our goal with Gold Globe is to create the largest online directory of professional photographers. If you’ve looked for a photographer in the past, you probably know how hard it is to figure out who’s close to where you are with the style you love. With Gold Globe, it is incredibly easy to search based on location and session type. Simply enter your location, choose what type of portrait photographer you’re looking for, and you’ll see all the listings come up. Here’s a few pieces of advcice to keep in mind when looking for a photographer;

When looking for a photographer, you’ll notice we have photographers with many different styles. Photographers put a lot of time into developing a unique style and love connecting with clients who choose them for their quality of work. When searching for a photographer here are some pointers on what to look for.

Look at their work, notice their style, how they edit their work, the colors they love to use, the locations they choose. These all play a major role with photographers, and it’s important to find one that you love. Their style is what makes them unique, so when you hire a photographer remember that you are hiring them for their style, their vision, and their art.

There are two main posing techniques. One is more the traditional posing, and the other is called lifestyle. Traditional posing looks a little more organized and planned. Lifestyle posing focuses on capturing the moment; it’s more unplanned and a wonderful way to capture people in their natural way. Often photographers have a preference and you’ll be able to see it in their images. Decide what style would be the right fit for you.

It’s also important to find a photographer who lines up with your set budget. Some photographers are doing this part time and might be more affordable to work with. Others could be the sole income for their family and more expensive. Regardless of their price, always be respectful in their set pricing. Photographers spend years investing into their business and developed pricing based on their needs and quality of work. If a photographer doesn’t have their pricing listed just send them a message to find out more about their business.

Another important aspect of finding the right photographer is finding a photographer who offers items you’d like to invest in. Some photographers offer online digital galleries; others offer their clients hand selected items to choose from randing from prints to canvases, albums and so much more. Find out what items your photographer offers to make sure they are the right fit.

Many photographers go as far as offering a special appointment set after the session where they present the gallery to their clients, show them products and walk them through different options in displaying their portraits. Photographers put in an incredible amount of time to make sure that their clients not only receive beautiful portraits but also have a way of choosing the right products to display in their home.

I hope these pointers help you find the right photographer. There are so many incredible photographers to choose from I know you’ll be able to find the right one! When you find them, reach out to them to find out more about the booking process!